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Setup Use at least two catchers, but you can fifa 15 Coins make the drill competitive by using up to six pairs of participants. The drill is best performed in the outfield or an enclosed area with adequate throwing room. Each pair of catchers is about 60 feet apart and at least 10 to 12 feet from the player next to them. It’s helpful if the catcher or line of catchers begins on the outfield foul line. A coach stands off to the side with a stopwatch. It’s desirable but not necessary for catchers to be in full gear. Each pair of participants has one baseball. If more than one pair of catchers (or middle infielders) are participating, the drill begins with all the baseballs on the same line.
Procedure On the coach’s command to “Go!” the catcher with the baseball throws with accuracy and velocity to his drill partner. With quick footwork, the partner positions himself to catch the baseball in front of his body. As the ball is received and the transition to the throw begins, the partner loudly calls out “One!” Using quick and efficient footwork and mechanics, he then returns the ball to his partner, who calls out “Two!” and the process is repeated until, after 30 seconds, the coach yells “Stop!”
Coaching Points The drill emphasizes receiving the fifa 15 ultimate team coins throw in front of the body, the transition phase, proper arm extension, quick feet with proper foot- work, and making accurate throws with good velocity. This drill is made more enjoyable through competition with other catchers or middle infielders. All throws should be aimed at the partner’s chest and should be made using the same footwork that the catcher uses in game situations. The receiving partner should use “quick feet” to position in front of the throw. The throw should be received with two hands, “finding a seam” as the mitt and ball are taken back to the chin. “Short” arm action is used, eliminating a downward loop with the throwing hand. A pair (or pairs) of participants attempt to make as many throws as they can during the 30-second time period. Competition with other catchers or middle infielders makes the drill more enjoyable.
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