It hard to come in here and get a win

(On whether they saw anything fifa 15 coins xbox 360 different from the Sounders tonight I just think we weren sharp enough tonight. If you not sharp against a team like Seattle, they can really cheap fifa 15 coins break, and they really dangerous on the counter. That, I think, was the key tonight. We just weren at our best and we lost to a team that really good in their place, so credit to them. giving up the early goal had a chance here and there. We just came up short. That is what it is. Seattle is a really good team at home. They buy fifa 15 coins ps4 done it all season. It nothing to put our heads down. It hard to come in here and get a win. We been able to do it the past couple of years, but you can do it every time. It a credit to them. They fifa coins a good team and we just get back at it this week, see what we did bad and see if we can get better next week. whether Seattle did cheapest fifa 15 coins anything defensively that threw them off I think for the most part we just weren at our sharpest. And if you not at your sharpest against a team like Seattle in Seattle, they can be very, cheap fifa 15 coins ps4 very dangerous and they catch you on the counter attack. It was a tough start for us to go down a goal that early and we just weren able fifa 15 coins to get it back.



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