How to Get Free Coins in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Coins let you buy items for your FIFA 15 coins like footwear, gears, and more. Players may find it hard to earn and accumulate coins, which can take a lot of game time. But if you don’t want to go through all the tedious work, there’s still a surefire way on how you can get free coins on FIFA 15 by playing games in the Ultimate Team section.
Get FCC, or Football Club Credit, points. As you play through the game, completing challenges, buying items, and winning matches, you’ll normally be awarded Football Club Credit points. For every match you win, you can get 200 FCC points. Try completing more challenges to earn more FCC points.
Select the “Football Club” tab and go inside the Catalogue section. The tab should be found on the game’s menu.
Navigate to the “Ultimate Team” tab inside the Catalogue section. Here you’ll see a bunch of Coin Boosts you can buy using FCC points. Unlike common boosts, which normally affect players, Coin Boosts available in the Ultimate Team affects the amounts of coins you earn for each match you play in the Ultimate Team game mode.
Coin Boosts also depends on your game level. The higher your level, the better quality of Coin Boost you can buy.
Coin Boosts unlocked from level 50 onwards lets you receive 1,000 coins at the end of each game.
Select the Coin Boost you want and buy it. Press the X or A button on your controller to start purchasing. A summary window will appear displaying the details of the boost you’re about to buy.
5Confirm your purchase. Do this by selecting the “Confirm Purchase” option on the summary window.
6Start an Ultimate Team match. From the main menu, navigate to the “Play” tab and select “Ultimate Team” to get started. Play through the match up until you finish it.
7Get your free fifa coins. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose a match in the Ultimate Team mode. Coin Boosts will reward you coins after every match you finish, regardless if it’s a win or a loss.



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