early signs suggest that this is still a problem in FIFA 15

On one negative note, automatic coin sellers (bots) were a big problem last year in Ultimate Team. They would instantly scoop up bargains and help fix player prices, making it difficult for real people to get a good deal in auctions. These programs generate huge amount of coins, inflating player prices, and then selling coins back to real people via shady third-party sites. Despite attempts from EA to minimize this in the FIFA 15 coins market, early signs suggest that this is still a problem in FIFA 15.
OTHER THOUGHTS – The presentation of the game is similar compared with recent FIFA editions, but the graphics are sharper on next gen, the crowd animations and responses have been improved, and even the pitch itself becomes worn down dynamically based on conditions and patterns of use. For example, areas of heavy activity in a game will become worn down with lots of footprints and damage.
The EA Sports Football Club has returned. This gives you in-game tokens based on playing virtually any FIFA mode. For example, you might get tokens for completing a skill game challenge or simply for buying a player from your favorite club in Ultimate Team. These tokens accumulate over time. You also gain levels based on the points you get for being active in the game. Reaching certain levels unlocks certain consumables in the catalogue, which you can buy with the tokens. This allows you to pick up some extras like Ultimate Team coins, boots for your virtual pro, or extra celebrations. It’s a nice way of providing incentive across the entire game.
OVERALL – It’s probably going to take me another month of heavy gameplay before I can really provide a thorough and concrete analysis of the gameplay in FIFA 15, but I’m optimistic based on the numerous matches I’ve already played. The presentation is good, the gameplay feels pretty crisp for the most part, and there are enough different game modes and features to satisfy almost any player. My sense is that this will end up being the best FIFA since FIFA 12. I will try to check back in a month or two to see if my prediction holds, but for now I would say this is a quality purchase for fans of the franchise or anyone seeking a good sports game. Read more ›


One thought on “early signs suggest that this is still a problem in FIFA 15

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