fifa 15 coins is probably my favorite game mode

fifa 15 coins is probably my favorite game mode and it has returned with some nice new features. If you don’t know what Ultimate Team is, it’s a card trading game that allows you to buy and sell cards of players in order to build dream squads that you can then use both online or against the computer. Over the past few FIFAs they’ve streamlined the auction searches to make that more efficient and effective. They’ve also added new features like chemistry styles, which allow you to make small adjustments to a player in order to emphasize certain traits. For example, you could apply a “hunter” chemistry style to a striker in order to increase his pace and shooting by a couple points. Each player can only have one chemistry style at a time. This allows you to customize your teams a little more than in early editions of Ultimate Team.
As for new features specific to FIFA 15, they’ve added the option of loan players. You can now buy loan cards for high-priced players like Messi, Ribery, and Reus. This allows you to use this player for a limited number of games. Once the loan is up, the player expires and disappears from your team. This is a nice feature because it allows you to try some players that you might not have gotten to use otherwise, as it takes a fortune to buy a normal Ribery or Messi and not everyon can save up that much.
They’ve also added something called “concept squads” in Ultimate Team, which is a way to build dream squads by searching the player database and constructing your team without actually buying those players. After you’ve added a player to your concept squad, you can easily search for him on the transfer market. Once you buy him, he will automatically slot into your concept squad wherever you initially put him. This assists the process of team building.
EA has also added national team kits, new leagues (like the entire Turkish league), and many new stadiums to Ultimate Team. My only major gripe is that they’ve kept the archaic chemistry system in place. I complain about this every year because I think it goes against the spirit of Ultimate Team. If you don’t know what chemistry is, it’s a system where players have links between in your lineup based on their nationality, league, and club. For example, Messi and Mascherano would have a very strong link by virtue of being the same club and nationality. Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo would have no link because they’re different nationalities and they play in different leagues. The problem with this is that if you want maximum chemistry for all of your players, you can’t use “bad link” players like Ibra and Ronaldo next to each other without sacrificing elsewhere. This drastically reduces the amount of teams you can build with perfect chem and generally results in most players using Premier League or Bundesliga teams while many good footballers with uncommon leagues and nationalities being almost totally unused.



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