the variety of your opponents is driving success

The next logical step is surely to incorporate Online Head to Head seasons in to Ultimate Team, which for me have been a real plus point from the wider FIFA 15 coins online space. Playing in Bronze, Silver, Gold and In-Form Ultimate Team leagues, with featured tournaments spliced in between, would have incredible community appeal and it could propel Ultimate Team to a whole new level of stardom.
Online matches in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team are fun, varied and compelling; it’s just the online modes themselves which require some innovation. Another year of the same tournament football won’t cut the mustard for FIFA 13 and personally I think Head to Head seasons could be the answer.
If the variety of your opponents is driving success in the Online Ultimate Team arena, then sadly offline, when that element is removed, there are some serious issues. Because the auction market is online, the leader-boards are online and the Web App is online I totally get that the logical place to play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, would be online. But if you’re going to provide a single player experience it still needs to be decent.
The single player structure is essentially a carbon copy of the online tournaments but instead you’re pitted against the AI and real life clubs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing per se, but it does show a lack of imagination about how Ultimate Team could and perhaps should stand out offline.
One major issue for me centres on game difficulty, namely the fact that it’s hard coded in to the tournament criteria. The opening Bronze tournament is set to amateur, a difficulty level I’d never consider using, but if I want?to win the trophy?I’m?forced to grind through these matches with zero gameplay enjoyment.
The sensible thing to do would be to let us choose the game difficulty ourselves and have the tournament rewards scale based on how hard the matches are. So completing the Bronze tournament on Amateur will give you a 400 coin bonus but on World Class that might move to nearer 1000 coins. If I can’t enjoy Ultimate Team on the pitch, at a difficulty level I’m comfortable with, then there’s little or no point in me playing many of the existing offline tournaments.
Perhaps pulling in some elements from Career Mode would be an interesting experiment, mainly to try and shift the emphasis on to you as a manager, rather than a collector. Team Chemistry represents how different players gel but what it doesn’t account for is the personal aspect of whether Robinho and Messi want to play together. So maybe there’s a Player Stories angle which can be worked in to Ultimate Team offline, just to shakes things up beyond repetitively playing matches.



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