Same crap all over again in ultimate team

Okay game. PC version is still laggy at times which can get annoying and the custom music option has been removed for some reason. Which is also annoying if you hate or get tired with the in game soundtrack and want to switch things up. This game is a prime example in EA’s decline in quality as it feels hastily thrown together and doesn’t preform as it should.
On a positive note, players look and handle more realistically than in previous versions and players skills have a larger impact on how they preform on the pitch.
scripted\fixed to give the opponent the advantage when you have a much better team.
the same nonsense that happens near the goal with the goal bouncing all over only to find that your players scored on their own goal.
I filed for a refund after few games with the same problems as 13 and 14. (bought it from origin at which they offer 24 hours period to ask for a refund. and I did).
tried fifa 15 coins and it’s great. much better than fifa and its fixed/scripted ultimate team. try out the demo (only on console).



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