The Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Web Store

Fifa 15 web store
The Fifa 15 coins Web app store is useful if you are interested in buying packs or need more tokens for auctions.
Fifa 15Ultimate Team Packs:
These give you the chance to get some new players, you can choose from different types of packs as you can see above, Be aware that packs cost a lot of coins, they are not always worth the money, we will talk about getting the most out of them later. There are different types of pack, the standard pack, the premium pack (Which contains more cards and more rare cards but costs more) and on occasions you can find Special Packs.
Special packs contain interesting things but cost a lot of coins. There is a silver special pack that gives you a whole new team, but is very pricey. Jumbo packs are available in short periods of time, check, and contain lots of cards, they are good value for money but getting 15,000 coins to pay for them isn’t easy.
Fifa 15 Bid tokens :
Bid tokens allow you to bid on online auctions for players, they are quite costly, you do not need them on the console game, so if you do buy them go for the 100 tokens, this is the best value for money.
When you buy a pack:
Pack opening
When you buy a pack you can choose what you want to do with the players and consumables, you can: Place them in your squad, store them in your club, send them to the trade pile, quick sell the cards.
Fifa Web App Trading:
Fifa Web app trading
The Fifa 15 Web app trading section is the most valued part of the Web App, it allows you to access auction search, ?Watch List, Trade Pile. You do need Tokens to bid on players so keep that in mind.
Auction Search:
With ?auction search you can view all of the latest players to be put on the Fifa 15 Ultimate Team market. Simply enter your criteria, like the screen above, and hit search. The auction search is really great because of how customisable it is, you can change anything just like the console, the price, the club etc.
When you hit search you should a screen similar to this:
Web app Trading view
On this screen you can view players, do the 59th minute trick, Bid for players (using tokens), Offer trades with your players, Add players of interest to your watch list, or Buy players using the buy now button.
Watch List:
Players in auctions that you are interested in can be added to the watch list, this will mean that you can view these players without having not so good deals in your way. You can then come back later and make a decision on the player.
Trade Pile:
Your trade pile contains your players that you want to trade, putting players in to the trade pile can be done on the squads menu or when you open a pack.?You can choose how much to sell them for, whether to send them back to the club or to quick sell them, see Discarding players.



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